Man Sentenced For DUI Crash That Severely Injured His Son

An alcohol generated crash, which injured a five year old boy, leads to a prison term for the boy’s 36 year old father.

Court records show, Telford resident, Michael Church was driving while double over the legal limit on July 14th of 2016 when his vehicle hit a pole on the first block of Ridge Road in Salford Township. The vehicle then smashed through a fence and almost plunged into a pool. His five year son, who was not restrained with a seatbelt or a child safety seat, suffered head and chest injuries. He’s still recovering from the crash. A Judge sentenced church to a term of 15 to 30 months in state prison. Church will also serve ten years probation following his release from prison. Based on what he called a number of bad decisions by church, the Judge rejected Church’s request to serve his time in a county jail.