Lopez: Philly Mosques Are Command Centers For Jihad

Attacks in Spain Thursday and Friday and an attack in Finland Friday, with scores injured and killed in both attacks.

Former CIA agent Clare Lopez says, it’s all part of a global insurgency by the forces of Islam that started in 2005, which includes seven phases of terror. Lopez says, according to how Jihadists planned it, we are now in the six phase or total confrontation. The seventh phase is a final definitive victory, which Jihadists believe will happen over the west by 2020.

“They think they are on the path way to victory over the non Muslim world.”

Loez predicts if U.S intelligence doesn’t wake up, the attacks will soon happen in cities across the country, including Philadelphia.

“Philadelphia has mosques and Islamic Centers which are command and control centers for Jihad.”

Lopez, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Friday says, the media knows what is happening and is not reporting on it.