Pa’s New DUI law Starts Today

Pennsylvania’s new dui law targets first time offenders.

State Senator, John Rafferty is one of the prime sponsors of the new law.

“On August 25th, Act 33 applies. The interlock restrictions to first time dui offenders who are convicted with a BAC level of .10 or higher, for one year.”

Rafferty says a person convicted of dui can only start their car through a breathalyzer. M.A.D.D. Spokesman for Pa. Malcolm Friend says, interlocks have been in use for years for 2nd time offenders. He says between 2005 and 2015 78,000 drunk driving attempts have been stopped.

“Imagine how many lives have been saved and injuries have been prevented here in Pennsylvania through interlocks already. So the expanded use if these devices will surely mean more drunk drivers will be stopped and more lives ultimately will be saved.”

Friend was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Friday.