Awareness Campaign on Skimmer Devices

Bucks County Consumer Champ, Mike Bannon has sent out warnings numerous times in the past on WNPV’s AM Edition about skimmers on atm’s and gas pumps.

The Wolf Administration and several state agencies are now working together to get the word out through an awareness campaign.
The electronic skimmers are often placed on the pumps or atm’s by thieves in such a way that makes the devices nearly undetectable at first sight.

“Even if you don’t have fraud and you don’t suspect that you fell victim to one of these skimmers, if your card has online access, go on their ever couple of days and just look and verify the charges on your card.”

That’s Corporal Adam Reed with the State Police,one of the agencies taking part in the campaign. The state’s consumer protection hotline is 1-800-441-2555.