Bensalem Will Sue Drug Companies Over Opioid Crisis

One of Bucks County’s larger Townships is going after pharmaceutical companies by way of a lawsuit in connection with the opioid crisis and the costs associated with it.

Bensalem Township Mayor Joe GiGirolamo says, the Township is hiring attorneys to go after the big companies that manufacture and profit from opioid crisis. The companies being targeted include, Teva Pharmaceuticals, owner of a facility in Montgomery County, Johnson & Johnson, Purdue Pharma, and Endo health solutions. Digirolamo says, taxpayer money will not be used in the lawsuit. The lawsuit has not yet released any details on the sum of money that Bensalem Township is seeking in the suit, but another official with the Township says, the costs associated with people addicted to opioids in the Township has led to a significant increase is expenditures on several levels, including public safety.