Attorney General Keeps Campaign Promise on Campus safety

Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro was a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Thursday to discuss various issues, among them, safety on college campuses.

Shapiro has traveled heavily over the last several days, visiting colleges and universities throughout the commonwealth, meeting with college administrators over the issue. Shapiro made a promise while campaigning during the race for State Attorney General that he would take action on safety issues on college campuses.

“I launched an initiative where we would be working with colleges and Universities to help develop best practices that can be rolled out all across Pennsylvania to deal with these campus safety issues. I know so many parents who are dropping their kids of at college, they’re a little sad when they leave and that’s ok and they’re also worried and that’s the emotion I want to take away. Parents shouldn’t be worried when the leave their kids off at a college campus.”

Shapiro acknowledged some of the recent incidents that have happened on campuses, ranging from sexual assault to the death of a Penn State student during what is believed to be a hazing ritual where the victim, in this case, 19 year old Timothy Piazza, ingested a large amount of alcohol and then died. Shapiro hopes to have a series of recommendations gathered from colleges over the course of the school year in an effort to install some initiatives concerning campus safety.