Former Lower Providence Officer Faces Charges

An M16 stolen from a Lower Providence Police car was allegedly taken by a former officer with the Department, who smashed out the back window of his former patrol car to get the weapon.

Montgomery county D.A. Kevin Steele says, 37 year old, Charles Murray was relieved as an officer in June for procedural violations. Wednesday morning, at around 8:15, Murray apparently suffered some sort of mental breakdown. A priest at Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church in West Norriton saw that Murray was outside the church and appeared to be planning to take his own life with a hose from the exhaust of his Jeep sent into his Jeep. The priest talked Murray into the church, preventing the former officer’s alleged suicide attempt. Police soon arrived and took Murray into custody at around 10am without incident. Murray faces various charges, including theft, reckless endangerment, vandalism and illegal possession of a weapon. Steele says, Murray was with the Lower Providence Police Department for 10 years and served in the U.S. Marines. Steele says, Murray was dealing with a number of issues, but we’re thankful no one was hurt of killed and the weapon was recovered. Murray reported that he left the m16 and ammunition under the Collegeville Bridge. It’s not known why Murray allegedly stole M16