Pa. Sends Team to Fla. For Hurricane Irma Clean Up

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency sent 23 staffers from state agencies to Florida to help officials in the Sunshine State assess and clean up the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Irma.

Director of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Rick Flinn says, the team departed for Florida on Monday.

“Their mission is to receive the missions from the State of Florida as to what locations need to be cleared and they actually coordinate that, but they don’t actually take part in the cutting of treatment, it’s just managing the resources of staff and workers. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is also facilitating clean up efforts.”

The team, from the Departments of Health, Corrections, Human Services, and Conservation and Natural Resources will be stationed in Lake City Air Base which is between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. It’s not a military air base, but rather a base of operations used by the state of Florida for forest fires.