Telford Man Sentenced in February Drug Related Incident

A Telford man whose life was likely saved by a Telford Police officer will serve a period 3 of 23 months in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

The circumstances which lead to a jail term for 29 year old, Kevin Ball was the result of an incident on February 26th at 7am where a Telford Police Officer discovered ball slumped over the seat of his car on the 100 block of Penn Avenue. Court records show the officer was able to wake up Ball, but he soon fainted and complained of losing his breath. Ball was taken to Grand View Hospital in Sellersville where he was treated. The officer called medical staff to let them know he found a syringe in the Ball’s car and other materials used for packaging heroin. Ball admitted to the incident and the items found his car. He faces court supervision for drug addiction after his release.