Pa House Passes Revenue Package with No Consumer Taxes

The Pa. House passed a revenue package to support the 32 billion dollar budget, which calls for borrowing one billion dollars to be offset by future tobacco settlement payments to the state. The plan also calls for taking funds that have not been used by other state agencies, including PennDOT and the State’s E.P.A.

State Rep. Todd Stephens, who voted against the plan, was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Thursday concerning the budget.

“I think they should remove the Transportation and Environmental fund transfers and you put that on the Governor’s desk, and he’s been saying we have this real sense of urgency, and that the majority of the House and Senate are onboard for this approach, I think he would be hard pressed to continue resisting it.”

Stephens says the state will find money to pay its bills by Friday. He says there’s always a shortage of money every September. The Pa. Senate is back next week to take up the house proposal. The revenue package doesn’t not call for new taxes on consumers. The Senate proposed adding new taxes to land lines, cell phones and home gas delivery.