Leach Sponsors Bill to Raise Minimum Wage

Local Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach sponsored legislation to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

Leach points to one legendary business that has no problem seeking government help versus paying its employees a livable wage.

“McDonald’s famously put up something on its website for company employees on how they can apply for food stamps and home heating oil assistance. Billion dollar corporations should not be able to outsource paying their workers to the government or to the taxpayer which is happening now, because if you don’t make enough you’re eligible for these benefits. Meanwhile, the executives of these corporations, their salaries go up and up.  They somehow seem to find the money for that.”

Leach’s current measure to raise the minimum wage is the third time he sponsored a bill on the subject, having sponsored minimum wage bills in the 2013-14 session and the 2015-16 session. Leach says families and individuals working minimum-wage jobs in Pennsylvania face a constant struggle to survive on $7.25 an hour. Leach was a recent guest on the AM Edition.