Pa. Senate to Take Up House Revenue Proposal For Budget

The Pa. Senate heads back to Harrisburg Monday in an effort to pass a revenue package for the State’s 32 billion dollar budget.

The Senate will take up a house proposal that was passed lat week, which would take money from PennDOT and the E.P.A’s coffers that are not being used. As far as the Senate’s plan to add consumer taxes to land lines, cell phones and home gas delivery.

“I’m not doing that, I don’t know what the Senate was thinking of and that’s what I feel like, nobody is doing something real. Yes, are going to have to bite the bullet and do things you don’t like and my argument with them, and I had the argument for years, it’s real simple, even if I have to raise a little bit of personal income, then I tell you, here’s what it will raise, here’s what it’s going to fund, we need to fix this and then it will fund this. We sunset it because we fixed everything we could and that’s the way you do it at home.”

That’s Bucks County State Rep. Kathy Watson, who voted against the House plan to pluck funds from State agencies that are not using those funds at the present time. Watson says, it’s a recipe for disaster, because those agencies will likely need the money at some point in the future for projects.