Shapiro Announces Expanded Opioid Investigation

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro stood with families Tuesday who lost loved ones to the opioid crisis and those who have survived the addiction.

Shapiro met with families on the football field at Upper Dublin High School to announce an expanded multi-state investigation into companies that make opioids.

“For decades, the full force of some drug companies, with an army of lobbyists and lawyers and well healed insiders, have used deceptive sales people and paid researchers to put a desire for an insatiable profit over public health and public safety and perhaps over the law, and that’s what we’re going to get to the bottom of.”

The attorneys general have served subpoenas for documents and information, known as civil investigative demands – on the pharmaceutical manufacturers. The multi-state investigation has also sent information demand letters to the distributors under investigation. The companies under investigation include Teva, which owns a facility in Montgomery Township, Allergan, Endo, Jannssen, and Purdue. The distributors in the probe include Amerisource-Bergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson.