Still No Accord in Methacton School District Strike

The Methacton School Board met Tuesday night for the first time since the start of the teacher strike on Monday.

There were dozens of teachers in the audience and some of them addressed the school board during the public comment period at the end of the meeting. Veteran teacher Ralph Merja put a plea before the district superintendent of schools.

“Dr. Zerbe, in May you were asked when you would step in to your role in negotiations. Your response was that you were ready to intervene and that you could settle the contract in a day, with all due respect, that day is upon us.”

Earlier in the meeting, district officials proposed final best offer arbitration to settle the contract dispute. The process requires both sides to put their best and final offers on the table and allow a three member arbitration panel to settle the dispute. The decision of the panel is final and binding unless the union or school board reject its findings within ten days of issuance. Schools in the district are closed Wednesday. About 5,000 students attend schools in the Methacton School District