Montco. Commissioners Take Up Public Safety Issues

New public health and safety plans were the subject of the Montgomery County Commissioners’ meeting Thursday as updated online services created to address the opioid crisis and improve 911 services were discussed.

Health Department officials showcased the county’s Geostory Opioid website, a complete online gateway of maps, graphs, and information concerning resources for individuals and families looking for assistance. The website was developed by the county’s overdose workgroup, including the Coroner’s Office, the Health Department, the District Attorney’s Office, the Planning Commission and the Department of Public Safety. The goal of the Geostory website is to continue the Montgomery County Overdose Task Force’s move to combat substance use disorder by way of prevention, intervention, and treatment. A link to the Geostory can be found on the overdose prevention page of the county’s website. On the public safety front, Smart911 was made public. It’s a free website that informs first responders with vital information before they arrive at an emergency. Citizens can sign up via mobile phone and give necessary information on health conditions and medical needs of the people in their homes.