Polls on Governor Wolf and President Trump Released

Polling numbers for Governor Wolf and President Trump, compiled by the F&M College poll found that despite yet another budget impasse for the state, Governor Wolf is not being punished for it.

Dr. Terry Madonna is the Director of the F&M College Poll.

“It’s where is was in our poll in May, Just about where he was before and importantly, he’s higher where Governor Corbett was at this point in Corbett’s Governorship pretty substantially. He is literally virtually tied with Governor Rendell who ended up winning reelection handily. He is below Governor Tom Ridge.”

38 percent of people polled says Governor Wolf is doing an excellent or good job. Madonna says 44 percent say they went from being Trump supporters to opponents because they found the president to be unprofessional and inappropriate, just nine percent indicated the opposite.

“You know, what’s interesting is there in an individual and a leadership style that causes you to change your mind. Sometimes you may think it’s all these important heady. Complicated and sometime, controversial issues, but you know, in Trump’s case, It’s about the man.”

Four months after 37 percent of registered voters in the Commonwealth believed President Trump was doing an excellent or good job, just 29 percent indicated they felt that way in this latest F&M College Poll.