Bannon: Some Used Cars For Sale Could Be From Flood Regions

The Director of The Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection warns consumers planning to buy a used car over the next several weeks and months that many vehicles may be from flooded regions due to the active hurricane season.

Mike Bannon says, if you buy a used car, ask questions and certainly take it to a mechanic that knows the tell tale signs of a vehicle that was once sitting water and mud.

“There’s also a website called It gives the history of the vehicle and gives the odds that it may be a water damaged vehicle, which is pretty good, because sometimes it might be from the history of that vehicle. For example, if it comes from some of the terribly flooded areas in Texas, it would say that and tag it, so that helps too.”

Bannon adds, most reputable used car dealers will let consumers know about a car’s history with a salvage title and the price will also reflect that the vehicle was once impacted by water. Bannon says, it’s always an advantage if you now a used car dealer who can be trusted, perhaps he says, a dealer that you’ve dealt with the past in the purchase of a vehicle.