Curb, Sidewalk Replacement Program Discussed in Towamencin

A curb and sidewalk replacement program remains under discussion in Towamencin.

The Township Supervisors are considering a measure that would require homeowners to replace the concrete in front of their property if necessary when their road is repaved. Advance notice of construction would be provided. Township Manager Rob Ford says under an existing ordinance the Township already has the ability to require a homeowner to replace their curbs and sidewalks.

“We’re all responsible as homeowners to keep our sidewalks and curbs with conditions and code describes what they are. Many have a small crack, but it has to be pretty severe and we’ve seen some of those around the Township where it’s just crumbling. So, we do have the authority to go out and require the homeowner to repair that.”

The Township will continue to inspect curbs and sidewalks and require replacing them if necessary when a home is sold.