Debate Continues Over NFL Players Protesting Before Games

Former Republican Bucks County Commissioner Andy Warren and retired Montgomery County Spokesperson and member of Montgomery County Democratic party Frank Custer discussed the issue of NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.

Andy warren cites an NFL game played in England at the start of the season where he feels players stepped over then line by not standing for the national anthem on foreign soil.

“Now they’re saying, its not about the soldiers or the flag or the country, you mean to tell me you’re taking a knee because you’re mad at the President. There are other places and other times to do it. It’s an absolute insult to people who gave a hell of a lot more than I did.”

Frank Custer is a navy veteran, he doesn’t feel the players are disrespecting the flag or national anthem or the country.

“People says that players are protesting the flag or military or national anthem are missing the point. They are protesting a piece of America that they fell needs to be fixed or improved,”

Custer says, people have the right to protest based on the constitution and he says the military continues to uphold the laws through its sacrifices. Custer and Warren were guests on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Thursday afternoon.