Fighting The Opioid Crisis in Montgomery Township

The Drug Addiction Resource Alliance or DARA will meet in an effort to continue to spread the word that there is power in numbers when fighting and coping with the opioid crisis.

It’s gets underway Tuesday evening at 6pm at the Montgomery Township building. Local Magisterial District Justice Andrea Duffy, founder of DARA, says the opioid crisis knows no boundaries.

“It’s happening to people who are educated and to those families that are thought of as good families. It’s happening to people who are fully employed. It’s happening right here in Montgomery, Hatfield Townships and the North Penn area. We need to understand what is going on if we need to help a friend, family member or neighbor.”

Judge Duffy, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Monday, says tonight’s DARA event gets underway at 6pm at the Montgomery Township Building. The presentation begins at 7pm.