Police Advise Public on What to Do When Violence Strikes

Pennsylvania State Police react to the massive shooting in Las Vegas.

Corporal Adam Reed says the deadly and terrifying outburst of violence that happened in Las Vegas should be a learning lesson to everyone. Reed says, unfortunately, an event like this can happen anywhere and urges people, as difficult as it may be, not to panic.

“The first step is run, simply get out of the situation if you can. If you cannot run, if you cannot exit the situation, then hide. Barricade yourself in a room and turn off the lights; silence your cell phone. The third step, if you cannot run or hide, you have to fight and that is to confront that gunman by taking aggressive force toward that gunman to end the situation and try to protect yourself and others.”

Reed says State Police also can call on a unit of 70 Troopers who have received specialized training in dealing with the type of violence that erupted in Las Vegas. It’s called S.E.R.T. or Special Emergency Response Team.