Steele: Kilo of Fentanyl Seized Worth 3 million Dollars

Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele announces the arrests of three people in connection with the confiscation of one kilogram of Fentanyl, an amount Steele says could be fatal to half of the population in Montgomery County.

Steele says, the case started on July 11th with a controlled buy of the deadly substance through an undercover agent. Three people are now behind bars.

“29 year old, Christina Mota Soto, who worked with her boyfriend, 25 year old Lincoln Payano Del Orbe Jr. and his cousin, 33 year old Wilbert Payano from the Bronx, New York. Soto and Payano Del Orbe Jr. are from Philadelphia. Following these three defendants arrests they were arraigned. Bail was set for each at one million dollars cash. When you see that amount of bail being set, you understand what a threat these drug traffickers are on our community.”

Steele says, along with County, local, Philadelphia and Federal law enforcement officials held a news conference Tuesday afternoon to announce the controlled buy of the Fentanyl that was carried out in a shopping center in Cheltenham Township. Steele says, a kilo of the deadly substance has a street value of three million dollars.