Bomb Squad Called to Franconia Township

Some tense moments played out Wednesday afternoon when a resident brought some suspected explosives to the Franconia Township Police Department.

The man who brought in five clay bricks, wires and an aluminum container told police he found the items in his son’s room. Police removed the items from the building to a safer area. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad was called. The bomb squad determined that the items were not active and detonating the items was not necessary. The man later received confirmation from his son, who is in the military overseas, that the items were non-explosive. During the time when police were trying to find out more about the clay bricks, wires and the aluminum container, the Franconia Township Building was evacuated and residents near the Township Building were asked to stay in their homes. Police closed Allentown Road between Indian Creek Road and Route 113 during the incident. Franconia Township Police ask all residents to call 911 when they find suspected explosives in their home or anywhere else.  Do not bring them to the Township Police Department.