Hauler Offers Lansdale Lowest Bid For Trash Collection

There was more trash talk at the Lansdale Borough Council meeting Wednesday night.

It was announced J.P. Mascaro and Sons is the hauler that submitted the 18-dollar-and-64-cents per month low bid for community wide residential trash collection, a number that includes recycling and assumes a three year contract with once a week pickup of a 65-gallon container. Council Member Jason Van Dame chairs the Borough Administration and Finance Committee which voted to put the single hauler issue on the agenda at the Borough Council Business meeting October 18th.

“It’s up to us to decide one way or another. We’ve been kicking this can around for an awful long time. We hear complaints that people can’t shop trash anymore because we’re considering single hauler. So we definitely need to come to a decision and as I’ve stated originally this was something that I would have never considered doing. But after doing the research and looking into the benefits I can see clearly that it’s a decision I think that we need to make for this Borough.”

The proposed contract with Mascaro also includes once a month yard waste and bulk trash pickup as well as the annual leaf collection.