October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Pa.

The Women’s Center of Montgomery County is visiting community groups this month, not only to reach out to abuse victims, but people who are close victims.

The Executive Director of the Women’s Center of Montgomery County is Maria Macaluso.

“Family members and the bystanders who see the violence but don’t know how to help and I think this is a good way to reach out to those individuals. I always say if you saw someone’s care being robbed you would call the Police, but how can you help a friend or a neighbor, somebody you see in crisis and what can we do as individuals to reduce and eliminate violence. We know we’re not going to stop it, but how do we get help intervention earlier in the process.”

Macaluso says The Women’s Center of Montgomery County served 5,000 victims last year, ten percent of those victims were men. For more information visit