Casey and Shapiro Ask FCC For Help in Protecting Seniors

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro testified in front of a U.S. Senate Special Committee on aging.

The committee was co-chaired by Pa. U.S Senator Bob Casey of. The subject of phone scam that target the elderly was take up by the committee. Shapiro says, seniors are easier to reach now.

“With 67 percent of seniors online and this generation of seniors representing the wealthiest generation of seniors As compared to the war babies generation and other, making them a prime target for access and availability of resources that can be scammed.”

Senator Casey, cited a case of a Montgomery County woman who fell victim to a phone scam that proved to be financially devastating.

“Arlene was scammed out of 800,000 through calls that she received claiming that she won an international lottery. We al have a sacred responsibility to do more to ensure that con artists don’t scam our loved ones out of onemore penny.”

Casey and Shapiro have sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission asking the Federal agency to allow phone service companies to block calls from scammers that use other names which appear on caller ID. The practice is called “spoofing.”