East Greenville Residents Receive White Supremacy Letters

White supremacists messages in the form of letters have been showing up in mail boxes of numerous residents in East Greenville.

The letters were filled with white supremacy ideology, including the phrase “white and proud”. There were some who received pictures of swastikas. The letters were addressed to the head of the household. One resident who has a flag of his favorite football team, the K.C. Chiefs, was sent a letter that was addressed to the K.C. Chiefs fan. The letter clearly worried the resident because it showed the person or persons who delivered the letters were obviously looking at the homes in the neighborhood. In addition to the East Greenville Police Department, the State Police and the Montgomery County D.A.’s has been made aware of the letters. According to police, despite the messages in the letters, no crime has been committed. Residents who received the letters ripped them up and called the messages garage.