Madonna: Trump’s Harrisburg Rally About His Base Support

After President Trump’s Wednesday night rally in Harrisburg, F&M College Pollster Dr. Terry Madonna says, there was more to the President’s visit to Harrisburg International Airport than just his tax proposal.

Madonna says, while the President has the eyes and ears of about 40 percent of the American public, he’s looking to expand his base of support, despite the invitation only rally.

“He thinks he can grow that but he’s not been able to and there are some signs its beginning to weaken in part. He’s not been able to improve his standing with Democrats and Independents. Maybe he thinks if he holds that 40 percent that will get him reelected.”

Madonna, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Thursday says, the President needs a legislative win. During the rally the president talked tax reform and how it would help everyone, but opponents say, it will only benefit the wealthiest Americans.