Casey in Good Position For 2018 Reelection Bid

Pennsylvania U.S Senator Bob Casey will run for another term in November of 2018.

F&M College Pollster Dr. Terry Madonna says Casey is holding his own in an effort to win a third term and will be a popular candidate for anti-Donald Trump voters. Madonna adds, Casey does agree with the President on a component of the economy.

“It’s hard to find a Senator more in disagreement with Donald Trump that Bob Casey, except on trade issues. Where he agrees with about the Transpacific Partnership and about NAFTA, expressing his concerns for jobs, particularly in rural and small town Pennsylvania, many of them in the old mining and mill towns out in the southwestern part of our state and up in the northeastern part of the state.”

Madonna says, Casey has moved further to the left in recent years. One potential problem for Casey could be the fact that an F&M poll shows that 21 percent of Democratic voters don’t enough about the two term Senator.