Bucks County State Rep. Sponsors Bill To Tax Gas Drillers

Bucks County State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo says his bill, which is currently in the House Finance Committee, could generate a significant amount of dollars for the Commonwealth.

DiGirplamo says. it’s particularly important during this difficult legislative session to create a revenue package for the 32 billion dollar budget.

“That type of tax and everything I look at will raise, approximately in a full fiscal year, 350 to 40 million dollars for our General Fund.”

DiGirolamo is confident the bill will make it out of the House Finance Committee. DiGirolamo adds, the bill calls for a 3.2 percent tax on gas drillers, but he says he’s willing to negotiate it down to three percent to get it passed. The Senate’s measure on gas drillers calls for a tax of one percent.