Ammonia Leak at Souderton Plant

It could have been far worse of an ammonia leak if not for a safety officer at the JBS Packerland Plant in Souderton.

According to Franconia Township Police a high concentration of ammonia was detected by the safety officer just after 10am Sunday at the plant’s Allentown Road location. A tank was discovered where the leak started. Crews that entered the room just before 1pm to assess the situation had to wear special gear to protect themselves from the fumes. Tanker recovery trucks were called in to take the rest of the remaining ammonia. The piece of equipment that holds the ammonia is capable of storing 40,000 pounds, but it was determined that 6 to 8 thousand pounds of ammonia was left following the leak. No injuries were reported. The structure holding the ammonia was found to have a seam that opened. The Perseverance Fire Company of Souderton was assisted by additional companies, along with the Montgomery County Hazardous Materials Team.