Former Fox Anchor Gretchen Carlson on WNPV’s AM Edition

A new book authored by former Fox News anchor and host, Gretchen Carlson, called “Be Fierce” is now available.

Carlson says, for legal reasons, she can’t talk about her settlement with Fox, but she now knows that sexual harassment is pervasive in numerous job environments.

“I found out right away that thousands of women had similar stories and they reached out to me. It wasn’t just Hollywood and television. It was a startling reality to me. I was waitresses, lawyers, teachers, members of our military, accountants, bankers, it was everywhere. These women never had their story told and they felt comfortable coming to me because they knew I got it. I felt a sense of duty as I printed off these thousands of e-mails and responded to every single one.”

Carlson, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Thursday says, it’s not a surprise to her that Harvey Weinstein, producer and part owner of Miramax Films, is under intense scrutiny for allegedly sexually assaulting women through his position of power in Hollywood. Carlson says it’s an epidemic in our culture that will only stop when top executives of companies address the problem with strict edicts on sexual harassment and honor those women who come forward to report sexual harassment and in many cases, sexual assault. Carlson says all of the proceeds from “Be Fierce” go back to her fund, “Gift of Courage” to empower boys and girls.