Lansdale Rejects Proposed Contract with Trash Hauler

J.P. Mascaro and Sons would have brought Lansdale single hauler community wide residential trash collection.

The vote came after about two dozen Borough residents urged council to leave things the way they are. Sycamore Lane resident Sherry Bernstiel was adamant.

“I’m going to says flat out, I don’t want Mascaro back, I had them and I’m a very dissatisfied customer. I like the company that I’m with.”

Borough Council Member Jason Van Dame cast one of the two yes votes for the contract.

“I’ve had a lot of e-mails from seniors that encouraged me to support this because I would be saving them a lot of money. They’re not getting increases in their social security. 30 dollars a quarter savings is a real savings to them.”

The proposed contract with Mascaro called for once a week trash pickup and recycling for a monthly charge of 18 dollars and 64 cents per household.