Castor Files Lawsuit Against Andrea Constand

Former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor is moving forward with a lawsuit against Andrea Constand, the woman who claims that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her after giving her three bill pills at his home in 2004 in the Elkins Park section of Cheltenham Township.

An attorney for Castor says a personal injury compliant will claim Constand sued Castor in 2015 in an effort to cause him to lose the District Attorney’s race. James Beasley Jr. says a lawsuit filed against Constand is seeking more than 50,000 in damages. In 2005 Castor was the Montgomery County D.A. when Constand reported the Cosby incident to Canadian authorities who then passed the information to Castor, but he did press charges against Cosby. Montgomery County’s current D.A. Kevin Steele, during his campaign for D.A., was critical of Castor for not filing charges against Cosby. Steele, after wining the D.A.’s race in 2015 filed charges against Cosby. The 1st trial ended in a hung jury. Cosby’s second trial will begin on April 2nd.