Clinic Helps People Expunge Criminal Records

More than two dozen Montgomery County residents that want nothing more than to get on with their lives attended an expungement clinic in Norristown Tuesday.

It was an opportunity for a fresh start free of an arrest that did not result in being found guilty and summary offense convictions. The clinic was sponsored by Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania in collaboration with State Senator Daylin Leach. Legal aid staff attorney Erica Bryant says expungement is for lower level offenders.

“Minor records often arrests or citations that didn’t even result in conviction or who have entered a diversionary program or who had no previous record and did their probation and served their community through community service, paid off all of their fines, but that record is still persisting, making it difficult for them to find work to go back to school and to live up to their potential.

Expungement candidates must have steered clear of the law for the past five years and not be on probation.