Montco. Considered High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Montgomery County is in line for more Federal money in its war against the illegal narcotics trade as a result of its recent designation as a high intensity drug trafficking area.

The move will allow a higher level of cooperation between the Montgomery County District Attorney and law enforcement officials in adjacent counties as well as New Jersey and Delaware. During a news conference earlier this month, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency’s Gary Tuggle said intelligence and information sharing opportunities will expand exponentially.

“We have participants from 45 different agencies and six counties and three states. This regional approach is synergized by that exchange of information amongst those different participants and beyond that is the opportunity for additional Federal dollars to come in and bolster the law enforcement efforts here in Montgomery County. It will including adding an intelligence analyst dedicated to make sense out of the information that is being gathered.”

The designation comes from White House Acting Drug Policy Director Richard Baum.