Trends Research Institute: Right Time For 3rd Party

Predicting history before it happens based on information and research, that’s the goal of the Trends Research Institute.

Founder and Director, Gerald Celente weighed in on WNPV’s Comment Please by Univest Monday on how politics currently have a chance for positive change in the U.S. Celente says, it’s already happening globally.

“The political landscape right now has never been better for a positive change. You look at the polls and see how people are disgusted with both parties. Whether people like the parties, don’t like the parties, it’s not the issue. A new party in France elected a new guy, Macron. The party in Germany, the AFD party, poof…just pushed Merkel way down. The Freedom Party in Austria and look what’s going on in Catalonia.”

Celente says, there’s a great opportunity for the U.S. to have a third party ready to make a positive change. Celente does not consider President Trump a creator of a third party, but just a candidate who mirrored what people wanted, and he adds, they now they’ve got it, a reality show champion in the White House.