Former CIA Agent on WNPV: No Such Thing as Lone Wolf

Clare Lopez, Vice President of Research and Analysis at the Center For Security Policy in D.C. says officials in New York City should not refer to the killing of eight people and the injuring of numerous others as the act of a lone wolf.

Lopez, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday morning says officials have to stop minimizing this act of violence and others like it.

“As though this is something that is a stand alone, never happened before, never will happen again, nobody is in danger. They are misleading their people not to be honest about what we’re facing, which is warfare.”

Lopez, a former CIA Agent says the Muslim Brotherhood has used its political influence to degrade the ability of New York City Police to track terrorists and carry out surveillance on mosques. Lopez says mosques in the U.S. are command and control centers for jihad.