Madonna: Expanded Gambling Will Need Multiple Demographics

Governor Wolf is rolling the dice in hopes that expanded gambling will be one of the revenue remedies for the 32 billion dollar budget, and budgets in the coming years.

F&M college pollster Dr. Terry Madonna was a guest on Comment Please by Univest Tuesday. Madonna says, there will be ample machines available for people to play and he adds, the expansion needs to bring in more players and younger people to take part in the available expansion.

“Current casinos can pay a goodly amount of money, in the millions to get these licenses to open up these mini casinos that will do abut half of the business that the big businesses have, for example they will be allowed to have up 750 slot machines and 30 table games, there’s limits on what they can do.”

Madonna adds, one of the rules that will be instituted is that the mini casinos have to be 25 miles away from other existing casinos. He expects this fiscal year gambling expansion will bring in between 200 and 250 million dollars.