Home Safety is Key When Turning Back Your Clocks

It’s that time of year again. Daylight saving time officially ends Sunday morning at 2AM.

Be sure to set your clocks back by an hour before you go to bed Saturday night if you want to be in synch with everyone else the next day. It’s also the time of year that firefighters remind us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors. Towamencin Volunteer Fire Company Public Information Officer Dean Miller says it’s the smart thing to do.

“We always encourage people at that time when they’re changing their clocks to change the batteries in their smoke detectors, just a good time to mark that for people to have it their memory. We’re already working with a device in our home where we’re resetting it to some degree, so why not pay attention to your detectors. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and the like.”

Firefighters say that the smoke detector unit itself should be replaced every ten years. A carbon monoxide detector can be expected to do its job for five years.