Souderton Borough Votes to Sell 30 West Broad Street

Souderton Borough Council voted to sell 30 West Broad Street Monday night to the owners of the adjacent Broad Street Pizzeria.

The three floor structure is part of the old Broad Street Theatre complex and will change hands for 250,000. Before the vote, Broad Street Pizzeria owner Davood Sohanger told Council that while he is moving his current business into the building, the end result will be more than just a pizza shop.

“It’s going to be a restaurant, it’s going to be a movie theater, it’s going to be a tavern.”

The other bid for the property was 200,000 from a group called 30 West Partnership. It offered a vision for the building that included a public market place with a mixture of retail and restaurant uses. Doctor Barbara Smith of 30 West is not surprised that the larger bid carried the day but said the process has created momentum for revitalization.

“Souderton had gotten excited about something. It’s gotten the idea to talk to a lot of the business owners and we will continue to try to build up Souderton business wise.”

The vote to accept the larger bid was five-to-four.