Some Say Local Democratic Wins Tuesday Result of Trump

Discontent in the wake of last year’s presidential race rallied Democrats to act.

North Penn School Board member-elect, Tina Stoll, believes it played a part in Democratic victories Tuesday.

“Since our first breakfast that we have January every year, it was standing-room-only at that breakfast and people have been just working their butts off ever since then and it has been really gratifying. I think a lot of Democrats finally got the message that you can’t stay home, you have to get out and vote.”

Democrats will now have a majority on the North Penn School Board for the first time ever. Republican Lansdale Mayor Andy Szekely responded to the possibility that the Trump presidency and his antics led voters to elect a Democratic mayor in Lansdale.

“I’m sure that possibly played a role. I can’t believe I did anything wrong, but that’s what happened.”

Garry Herbert is the 1st Democratic Mayor elected in Lansdale since the early 1980’s.