Lansdale’s Mayor Elect Supports Use of Radar For Police

The problem of speeding in Lansdale was a part of Mayor elect Garry Herbert’s platform. Herbert says he supports a bill that just passed in the State Senate to allow municipalities to use radar to identify people who drive over the speed limit.

Herbert says, the belief that the use of radar being a money grab by small towns is not true. He says it’s about safety.

“There’s actually a piece of this legislation that helps alleviate that concern a little bit. It specifically points out that points will not be assigned if the speed recorded is less than 10 miles over the speed limit. This is really geared toward serious speeding that is very dangerous in a community environment.”

Herbert says during his campaign he heard from residents about speeding in the Borough. Pennsylvania is the only state that does not allow municipalities to use radar to catch speeders. The bill now moves to the State House for consideration.