Van Sant: It’s Been a Great Year For the Economy

The health of the economy continues to be analyzed as President Trump nears his first year in office.

Senior V.P. of Wealth Management at Univest, Bill Van Sant characterizes it as a great year, even though the Trump Administration has not been able to repeal the Affordable Car Act.

“The market still continues to chug along. 3rd quarter S&P up four and a half percent. You’re seeing the underline economy improve. The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index surged in September. It’s up about 15 ½ percent year over year. The ISN Non Manufacturing Index was, I believe, at 60 this past month, the highest reading since 2004.”

Van Sant, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Pleas By Unvest Wednesday afternoon expects continued market growth and positive employment numbers in 2018.