Tax Increase Proposed For Lansdale Residents

A property tax hike is in the works for homeowners in Lansdale. Borough Council Wednesday night authorized advertisement of a budget for next year that includes a one mil increase in the tax rate.

It translates into about 120 dollars for the average home. Borough Council President Denton Burnell points out that there hasn’t been a property tax increase in three years even though the cost of everything continues to go up.

“It’s time, nobody likes to raise taxes, but if we’re going to maintain the service levels that we have and we can do that than that’s what we’re going to try to do. I think it’s a reasonable measured increase, particularly since we haven’t done it in several years

Council Member Jack Hansen usually finds himself on the other side of the issue but not this time.

“I’m someone who is always opposed to increasing taxes unless there’s a very good reason. Our Finance Director took us through it and explained to us why we needed this tax increase and it’s very clear that we do to maintain the services that resident are used to getting.”

Borough Council is expected to take final action on the proposed budget at its meeting on December 20th.