Five Members of The North Penn School Board Are Moving On.

School Directors Josie Charnock, Tim Kerr, Patrick McGee, Frank O’Donnell and Vince Sherpinsky attended their last school board business meeting in an official capacity Thursday night.

Among them they have logged more than 60 years of community service. School Board Member Frank O’Donnell is stepping down after he and the rest of the Republican ticket failed to win election earlier this month.

“20 years is a lot. I’ve enjoyed every bit of my time on the Board. We’ve had good times and some rough times here, but I’ve had great company and a great team to work with, so I’m going to miss it.”

School Board President Vince Sherpinsky decided not to run for reelection earlier this year. He is leaving after two decades, including 14 years at the helm.

“I know the District I’m leaving is in fabulous financial shape, fabulous educational shape, academics is the highest we’ve ever been, financially we’re the most stable District in Pennsylvania. I’m proud to say our legacy is going to live for a long time.”

Sherpinsky blames the defeat of the Republican ticket on national politics filtering down to the local level and says it would not have made any difference if he and veteran Board Member Tim Kerr had decided to seek another term.