Pa. Turnpike Commission Prepared For Busy Holiday Travel

If you’re traveling on the Pa. Turnpike for the Thanksgiving holiday,  expect heavy traffic.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the heaviest days of traffic from both cars and trucks.

Rosanne Placey, Media Manager for the Pa. Turnpike Commission, urges drivers to avoid distractions.

“It’s really important to stay focused and pay attention to the roadway and then take a stop if you’re going to be on the road for two hours. Plan to take a regular break or numerous breaks. Taking a break every two hours will increase your level of alertness and get you safely to your holiday destination.”

Placey says 725,000 people will be using the Pa. Turnpike Tuesday and Wednesday. The total number of drivers using the Pa Turnpike from Tuesday through Sunday is estimated at 3.55 million.