MADD Urges The Use Designated Drivers

This time of year brings on the largest number of alcohol related crashes, leading to severe injuries and fatalities.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Spokesperson Malcolm Friend says there’s a basic recipe for safety Wednesday night and ever night of the year for that matter. He the cars keys and alcohol can’t be used together.

“Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable 100 percent of the time. There really is no reason for drunk driving and certainly here in the WNPV listening area, the greatest wish that you could fulfill for MADD and indeed for families all around the area is to plan ahead and do the right thing.

Friend, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday says, designated drivers are key to preventing drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. Friend urges people to get the car keys away from people who are drunk. He says let cabs and Uber do the driving.