No Tax Hike in Montco’s Proposed 2018 Budget

Montgomery County Officials have proposed a budget for next year. The general fund portion of the spending plan totals about 407 million dollars and does not raise property taxes.

Chief Financial Officer Dean Dortone told the Commissioners Friday that he expects to beat his own budget for the current year by 2.6 million dollars and he hopes to do it again in 2018.

“We again have negative appropriations, a little bit higher. It’s about 2.8 million and most of this we’re hopeful will come from transition vacancies and so forth in the personnel cost area, so we have to save against the budget. If we don’t, that becomes expense we didn’t anticipate, so we have to manage the budget tight.”

The Commissioners will hold two public hearings about the budget on November 30th before putting the spending plan up for a vote on December 14th.