Cancer Screening Week

It’s the first year of cancer screening week throughout the nation.

The American Cancer Society’s Dr. Robert Smith says it’s important that adults get regular cancer screenings according to their age, gender, family history and risk.

“We see in the data very often times that a woman may be current on her regular mammograms but she hasn’t been screened for color rectal cancer. There are certain tests that are recommended for adults at different times in their life span and it’s an important reminder that people need to take advantage of these tests and they should talk to their doctor about what tests are important to them because they can make a measurable difference in your survival if you develop cancer and even the aggressiveness of your treatment.”

Dr smith, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday says, most cancer screenings show no signs of cancer, but he adds, if cancer is detected through a regular screening, the cancer can be treated quicker with a much higher success rate. For information you can visit